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I worked at MIT Lincoln Lab on Wood St in Lexington (near Hartwell
Ave) from 1956 to 1958. That location is at the opposite end of
Lexington from the 1150 transmitter. The women in the lab had WCOP on
constantly; the signal was very strong, although it's hard for me to
believe that WNAC 680 didn't put an even stronger signal into that
location. WNAC was DA-1 back then using what is now the WRKO night
pattern. Could we have been behind the WNAC pattern? (Don't think so.)
I can't believe that WCOP put a really strong signal into Lincoln Lab
after sundown (the 1150 night pattern is much more restrictive to the
northwest than is the day pattern), but I don't recall trying to check
out my hyporthesis either. The obvious test would have been to catch
the pattern change on my car radio before I left the parking lot on my
way home.

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> On 1 Jun 2010 at 11:21, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> When did WCOP move the studio to the Lexington xmtr? I know in 68
>> they
>> were there and FM was run by a Gates automation system.
> I remember that around 1960-61, they had automated separate
> classical
> music programming on FM, which they said was originating from their
> transmitter in Lexington.  I suspect the AM was originating from
> there, too because at least two of their DJs lived in Bedford.  I
> believe Paul Knight was one; I don't remember who the other one was.
> In Bedford the WCOP signal was as strong as WBZ. It was a very
> popular station among local teens, and their DJs were frequently
> hired to do record hops at the high school.  The WMEX signal had
> problems in Bedford, especially at night, when it sometimes was
> overwhelmed by WKBW.  Once I saw WPTR mentioned in the school
> newspaper as a station that people listened to.
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