Air America, RIP

Sat Jan 23 22:28:00 EST 2010

I'm think that on Here and Now on WBUR--maybe on Wednesday--Robin
Young did a piece that started with clips of Severin, Carr, and
possibly some other local hosts openly voicing unpaid commercials for
Brown. Severin must have repeated "Vote... for... BROWN!" at least
half a dozen times. Then came the question, "what ever happened to the
Fairness Doctrine?" followed by explanations of what the FD was when
it existed and that it no longer exists. In true NPR fashion, the
piece came to no conclusion over whether, in the opinion of the public
radio host or the reporter, it was good that the FD no longer exists.

It's possible that I was listening not to Robin on WBUR but to Emily
on WGBH. Easy to get the stations and the shows confused with each
other. Not that Robin and Emily sound THAT much alike, but they do
sound somewhat similar. However, Robin has the more pleasant voice and
usually seems better prepared.

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Emily Rooney stated on her radio show that the January 22nd edition of
"Beat the Press" will also comment on the
role that one-sided talk radio played in the election results.

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