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 >I have never bought the argument that liberal talk "failed" here. I say this as a consultant, not as a proponent of progressive talk. (And I've been very outspoken on both the ineffective >way the Air America folks ran their network and the pitiful amount of support Clear Channel provided when they ran their incarnation of progressive talk here.) It took Rush Limbaugh FIVE >YEARS to become successful, yet progressive talk was expected to succeed in a year. It took a massive amount of cash and big promotion (and pandering to a large and angry and >"aggrieved" group of people) to get conservative talk off the ground. And yes, it took the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine so that one viewpoint was allowed to predominate without >any need to offer time to the other side. I still say that the best progressive talkers will continue to make money and get ratings in a number of cities. The soap opera story of Air America >did progressive talk no favors, but the format had a lot of other circumstances going against it.  

In Friday's Boston Globe, columnist Alex Beam lists the winners and losers resulting from the Brown victory.  It includes an 
observation about Boston radio that the owners of WTKK probably wouldn't appreciate:

Emily Rooney stated on her radio show that the January 22nd edition of "Beat the Press" will also comment on the
role that one-sided talk radio played in the election results.

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