Air America, RIP

Bill O'Neill
Fri Jan 22 16:32:34 EST 2010

Donna Halper wrote:
> It took Rush Limbaugh FIVE YEARS to become successful, yet progressive 
> talk was expected to succeed in a year.  It took a massive amount of 
> cash and big promotion (and pandering to a large and angry and 
> "aggrieved" group of people) to get conservative talk off the ground.  
Excellent point. I was at WCAP when Rush debuted there in the market 
from then noon til two for a time before WHDH finally picked him up and 
he went the third hour. (I believe it was 'HDH and not 'RKO but I could 
be wrong about that.) 

> And yes, it took the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine so that one 
> viewpoint was allowed to predominate without any need to offer time to 
> the other side.  

A doctrine like that by any other name would still be controversial.  
(Ducking under desk)

Bill O'Neill

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