New Format - Advise Talk

Mark Casey
Tue Jan 19 18:22:31 EST 2010

Most folks are probably burned out on Dr. Laura and Dr. Joy, but Clark 
Howard is excellent. He wins big head-to-head over Rush Limbaugh on stations 
with similar signals in his home town of Atlanta.

A good computer show on Sat or Sun might just pull a decent audience also. 
Kim Komando, or even a local grown one. We have had computer shows on WHYN 
in Springfield and WTIC in Hartford that have done well in the past.

After today, many of us are tired of politics, so "advise radio" might be 
good. Maybe one of the smaller Boston stations should try it.

How's this for the perfect talk radio format:

4-5 am--local farm show/news & info
5-10AM drive-local personality--talk /news & info
10am to 3pm--advise radio--Clark Howard, etc
3pm-7pm--PM drive news/talk/info with short features like Osgood, Kommando, 
7pm-and on- local advise talk shows
3-4am--politics <grin>

Mark Casey

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This seems to me to be a new format of sorts, a radio station
simulcast in Maine is going to "Advise Talk".  I know of no other
stations doing this.  Like it or not, it's good to see someone taking
a chance and experimenting with something different (although these
are all established shows on their own).

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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