Liberal Talk Where Art Thou? (was: Herald, BRW: 1200 to conservative talk...

Bob DeMattia
Tue Jan 19 15:00:25 EST 2010

Putting together two different emails:

> In my observations Reform Jews, Unitarians, and Neopagans tend to skew to
> the left politically.  Now, if only the progressive talk stations could find
> a way to capitalize on that information.

> I made an error on these numbers, but it doesn't change the overall point.  It turns out I was looking at cume, not AQH.
> For AQH, Rush is in 17th place, and WBZ is just a few listeners ahead of that.  WBUR's audience is 15% higher, WTKK has  almost 80% more listeners, and the #1 > > > station actually has 360% more listeners than Rush.

Any commerical  progressive talk venture is going to have to compete
with NPR, which has an excellent, high quality
product and one other distinct advantage - no commercials!   BUR
listeners also have a strong loyalty to the station
because many have invested their own dollars, through contributions.
That's pretty powerful stuff.  As can be seen
from Mark's numbers, BUR has a significant audience.


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