New Format - Advise Talk

Tue Jan 19 16:21:03 EST 2010

Most financial-talk shows and "health"-talk shows fit under the 
general umbrella of advice. And I don't think that WBIX is unique in 
providing a roughly equal mix of the two types of advice--all of it 
brokered time, much of the advice questionable. Before tweaking its 
format (to purely financial talk) a month or two ago, WBNW had pretty 
much the same mix. I've heard that, somewhere in Maine, there is a 
station with a similar mix of financial and health advice and it uses 
the positioner "health and wealth radio." I like the slogan; it's 
accurate (at least if the advice is good--which may not be true too 
often), concise, and memorable. And it nicely ties together seemingly 
disparate programming elements.

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> This seems to me to be a new format of sorts, a radio station 
> simulcast in Maine is going to "Advise Talk".  I know of no other 
> stations doing this.  Like it or not, it's good to see someone 
> taking a chance and experimenting with something different (although 
> these are all established shows on their own).
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