Liberal Talk Where Art Thou? (was: Herald, BRW: 1200 to conservative talk...
Tue Jan 19 13:55:43 EST 2010

I don't think that CC is envisioning "So many conservative talk stations in 
Boston", but rather they are envisioning theirs being one of them and 
hopefully another (WRKO) will fall to sports, brokered time, ethnic, whatever.  - 
Same as in music formats... when one new music station 'attacks' another 
highly-rated music station, the intent is to have the attacked station not 
survive in that same format.  The attacker doesn't want HALF of the 6.0 rating 
the existing music station has, but rather they want all 6 points.
On another note, the only reason why liberal-talk stations have not done 
well is that they have never gotten their act together. -  Conservative talk 
stations usually have 4 things going for them;  (1) money,  (2) Texas, (3) 
close links with conservative lawmakers (Congress bought and paid for by 
conservative lobbyists [TelCom Act of 1996 & more]) and (4) religious concerns 
and religious wingnuts.  Liberals don't have any effective motions on those 4 

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