Liberal Talk Where Art Thou? (was: Herald, BRW: 1200 to conservative talk in April)

Bill O'Neill
Tue Jan 19 13:38:18 EST 2010

Donna Halper wrote:
> I still do not understand for the life of me why we need yet another 
> conservative talk station in town.  Oh and for those who think I am 
> being partisan, I asked the same question about why we needed yet 
> another sports-talk station (and I love sports as much as I love 
> politics).
I appreciate your question. I think would be the makings of a 13 week 
collegiate course in politics, or media, or marketing, or sales, or 
microeconomics, or macroeconomics, or, constitutional law .....  And 
therein is the issue. This is HUGE.  I don't have the answer other than 
my hunches over the years.  I think that America is far more 
conservative than anyone (even conservatives) truly comprehend. It may 
not be an all-encompassing conservatism, e.g., fiscal, social, but 
enough such that in tough times people are starting to ask more questions. 

Not to engage the key issues but we are on the verge, as a nation, of 
massive impact, almost incomprehensible impact that will be triggered by 
the elected decision makers in DC and in states' capitols. And when 
people get scared, quick action or sea change is not the first remedy 
they reach for. Politics of change is at variance with that 
macro-inhibition, if you will. I suppose that is precisely why America 
is still here. Even the most heartfelt pro-social initiatives throughout 
our young history have been pushed back or attenuated and here we still 
stand, today.  Talkradio is an outward reflection of that tension. 
Pro-growth or pro-spend initiatives (from either side) will make for 
radio that engenders TSLs.  I think I recall a bit of a post from Donna 
a few weeks back in which she contrasted and compared conservative v. 
liberal listeners and what makes them different. I have to agree with 
her.  The point that surfaces here is how conservatives tend to be 
attracted to like-minded presentations (I differ in the suggestion that 
liberal listeners are more open and affirming to all views but that's okay!)

Bill O'Neill Li

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