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I have to disagree. Protecting WSB and, I believe, a co-channel
station in NF, necessitate a night pattern whose main lobe goes
southeast. From a coastal site, a pattern like that would cover very
little land area or population. You could use separate day and night
sites and put the day site on the coast with a pattern that sends the
signal along the coast and inland but the night site would have to be
inland because the required pattern from a coastal site would cover
hardly any land or people. That approach would be costly and would
create a whole new set of problems. Finding a pair of sites in Maine
that could deliver the requisite CoL-level signal to some sizeable
community by day and by night and also cover a sizeable population at
night would, I think, present an impossible challenge.

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> WJIB and WJTO's format is just the refreshing thing that Maine
> needs.  The state has an aging population of its own, plus it has a
> large summer population of retirees "from away".   The nostalgia
> format would serve the state well.  WJTO also has excellent
> newscasts, which is more than can be said for ninety-five percent of
> Maine radio stations.
> That having been said, however, I agree with Mark ---a 50 kw signal
> in Maine would have to be placed on the coast.   WBZ's transmitter
> location in Hull is what (largely) sets its killer signal apart from
> the rest of its Boston counterparts.  'BZ can be heard during the
> day all the way from southern New Brunswick to Sherbrooke to Port
> Jervis, N.Y., and I don't know how far down the coast.  Any station
> that were to obtain the 750 kHz permit would be crazy not to be
> build the transmitting facility near the ocean.
> I remember the old WHEB very well, and while I knew it had to
> protect WSB at night, I sometimes wondered why Knight never upped
> its daytime power output --- or, for that matter, why it closed the
> station down.   -Doug
> Quoting markwa1ion@aol.com:
>> WHEB-750 Portsmouth would have been a "killer" for coverage not
>> only of
>> the southern ME, NH, and MA seacoast down to and including Cape Ann
>> but
>> it also had a spectacularly loud signal on the South Shore and Cape
>> Cod.  Signal strength measurements that I took from West Yarmouth
>> in
>> the '70s put its 1 kW ahead of 850's 50 kW and nearly in the same
>> league as 680 and 1030.
>> But a 50 kW in Bangor ?  I'm not sure that the expense would be
>> justified for the amount of people served who couldn't get WJTO-730
>> as
>> well.  If it was Bar Harbor instead of more inland Bangor, they'd
>> have
>> a monster signal along the entire New England coast as well as
>> parts of
>> Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and all the way south to Montauk
>> Point,
>> Long Island.  When St. John, New Brunswick (CHSJ) was on 700, they
>> could be heard all day as far south as Chincoteague, VA !
>> But Bangor isn't Bar Harbor (or St. John) in terms of sea gain
>> boost.
>> What could be a bit cheaper for Bob would be to scoop up West
>> Yarmouth's 1240 and/or Plymouth's 1390 to provide the Cape Cod area
>> with programming well-matched to its sizeable senior population
>> (who
>> used to have nostalgia music on FM but lost that).
>> Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA
>> <<
>> Betcha Hecht & Alonso will happily consider offers for their 750 CP
>> in
>> Hampden, outside of Bangor (50 kW-D/10 kW-N DA-N four towers).
>> Although the grant date was 1/18/2005, meaning that it should have
>> expired two years ago, the CP has apparently been tolled, because
>> my
>> source carries a notation that it won't expire until 2029!
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>> >
>> > I am thinking that if Bob Bitner had been able to buy WHEB, he
>> > would
>> > have
>> > blanketed the coastline on 730, 740, and 750.
>> > -----------------------
>> > Had I been awake and aware of 750's ownership's thoughts at the
>> > time, I
>> > definitely would have. Absolutely!
>> > ---BB
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