North Dakota tower

Roger Kirk
Tue Jan 5 16:18:17 EST 2010

Scott Fybush wrote:
> In the interest of accuracy, it should be noted that those are not 
> concrete silos up there on Mansfield. They're actually steel cylinders 
> that surround conventional lattice towers, and they're there to pacify 
> the environmentalists who would have preferred to see no towers there 
> at all. Supposedly the shrouded towers are less visually obtrusive. 
> I'm not sure I buy that line of reasoning, but if I had to get a new 
> tower built on Mount Mansfield, I'd build whatever needed to be built, 
> I suppose.

Perhaps environmentalists consider silos to be "more natural" than steel 
or aluminium lattice towers. 

I suspect that 85% of New England's silos were built before 85% of 
today's environmentalists were even born.

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