North Dakota tower

Scott Fybush
Tue Jan 5 16:01:29 EST 2010 wrote:

> Anyone who owns a copy of Scott's calendar for 2010 can observe that
> January's choice is the setup atop Mt. Mansfield, VT. Closer to the
> viewer are two concrete silos with antenna elements attached;  the
> note says that the uniform-cross-section steel towers were pulled
> down later.  Of course, I'd never expect to see such a structure in
> everyday use up to several hundred feet outside of Dubai, but as for
> TV and FM transmitters on mountaintops, will simulacra of what can
> now be seen on Mt. Mansfield replace the steel towers we have come to
> know and love?

In the interest of accuracy, it should be noted that those are not 
concrete silos up there on Mansfield. They're actually steel cylinders 
that surround conventional lattice towers, and they're there to pacify 
the environmentalists who would have preferred to see no towers there at 
all. Supposedly the shrouded towers are less visually obtrusive. I'm not 
sure I buy that line of reasoning, but if I had to get a new tower built 
on Mount Mansfield, I'd build whatever needed to be built, I suppose.


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