North Dakota tower
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>AFAIK, the maximum permitted for new construction is 2049'. The astronomical cost of such a structure would be out of reach for almost any station in today's television economy, >though - and it doesn't look that is going to get a lot better anytime soon. So I'd guess, replacements aside, that all the 2000'+ towers in the US that will ever be built probably have >been. 
 >There have been taller towers in Europe - one that was around 2,500', in Poland as I recall, but as Garrett so directly put it, that one fell down, too. 
 >I don't think there are any standing uniform guyed steel towers anywhere that are much higher than 2063'. When they get that big, all it takes is some ice, and maybe a breeze. 
Anyone who owns a copy of Scott's calendar for 2010 can observe that January's choice is the setup atop Mt. Mansfield, VT.
Closer to the viewer are two concrete silos with antenna elements attached;  the note says that the uniform-cross-section
steel towers were pulled down later.  Of course, I'd never expect to see such a structure in everyday use up to several hundred
feet outside of Dubai, but as for TV and FM transmitters on mountaintops, will simulacra of what can now be seen on Mt. 
Mansfield replace the steel towers we have come to know and love?

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