North Dakota tower

Mike Fitzpatrick
Sat Jan 9 21:33:39 EST 2010

That is the first time I heard that explanation. I heard that the steel
silos are to reduce the ice and wind-loading on the towers, 
because they are straight towers with no guy wires. It was done to eliminate
the need for guy wires from being constructed on the 
mountain top to reduce the "environmental damage".  (As you know Concrete
tower footings use less "earth" than the concrete guy wire footings)

I guess any explanation is plausible. 

Also RE: Warsaw tower, it is widely believed amongst those who studied it,
the Warsaw tower collapsed due to sabotage.
While the Polish government wrote it off as a maintenance issue, others
involved wrote the tower was collapsed intentionally.

--Mike Fitzpatrick

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>In the interest of accuracy, it should be noted that those are not 
>concrete silos up there on Mansfield. They're actually steel cylinders 
>that surround conventional lattice towers, and they're there to pacify 
>the environmentalists who would have preferred to see no towers there at 
>all. Supposedly the shrouded towers are less visually obtrusive. I'm not 
>sure I buy that line of reasoning, but if I had to get a new tower built 
>on Mount Mansfield, I'd build whatever needed to be built, I suppose.

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