Would Clr Chnl take a Boston AM to talk? (Donna Halper)

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Sun Jan 3 19:31:31 EST 2010

At 05:01 PM 1/3/2010, Robert S Chase wrote:
>Isn't that an expression of what the "fairness doctrine" did prior 
>to its elimination by the divisifiers? Too much "shout radio" and 
>not enough "confer" radio. Oh well, just a personal opinion. As I 
>was thinking about it and right wing and left wing "talkers" I 
>thought there was a mechanical saying that might apply just as well 
>to the nuts that broadcast as those that go on bolts, 
>i.e.,  "righty, tighty, lefty, loosey"

Not sure I follow-- I mean, I know the engineering maxim.  But as for 
the talkers, some righties are reasonable and try to be fair, and 
while I might disagree with their interpretation of events, I find I 
can listen to them and still benefit from hearing their point of view 
(Michael Medved comes to mind); some lefties are accurate and 
friendly, and no matter what side you are on, you can learn something 
from their show (Thom Hartmann comes to mind).  Many of the rest, on 
both sides, seem to operate by the maxim "I CAN SHOUT LOUDER THAN 
talkers for years, and that includes many talkers who were 
onservative in their politics, but they came from the generation 
where you debated rather than insulted -- imagine a generation never 
knowing that once upon a time, there were truly intelligent and 
erudite conservative talk show hosts like David Brudnoy...  

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