Would Clr Chnl take a Boston AM to talk? (Donna Halper)

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Sun Jan 3 19:53:37 EST 2010

Not all conservatives, or liberals, are shouters. WTKK has John Batchelor, who used to run on WRKO years ago. He leans right but the tone is his show is enlightened discussion; can be somber but he also can be "light" with guests--which is all you'll get, as he will not take calls. In some ways it has been described as a "news magazine for radio" and has been called "NPR on Drugs" or "The BBC
on Steroids" :)

In some ways I missed Sliwa--mob updates, Jeffrey Lyons on movies, etc.


Yes, there was Brudnoy, and Burns*, and Jerry Williams. Jerry could be loud at times though when it
was needed, though but not REALLY shouting. Also, for all those who think Howie Carr is rude, note that even if he disagrees with a caller he ends the conversation by thanking them for the call. The least he can do! Let me add Avi Nelson now that I think of it, as he did some recent fill ins for Howie. He's a throwback to the old days and enjoyable. (I don't think I'm related to him :) but I enjoy...)

*-- "We have transited the meridian and entered the afternoon incarnation of the broadcast". Sigh, wish Gene didn't enjoy living in San Fran so much; he'd be welcomed here!


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