Would Clr Chnl take a Boston AM to talk?

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Sat Jan 2 12:30:36 EST 2010

At 09:37 AM 1/2/2010, raccoonradio@mail.com wrote:
>A couple items related to Ed Schultz:
>--conservative Washington Times writer Jeff Kuhner has done fill ins 
>for various conservative hosts recently and I guess he knocked ED 
>Schultz off WTNT and has expressed disdain for Ed's
>opinions, etc.,

Umm, there's more to that story.  Ed was not a good fit for WTNT, a 
station with all righties and just one progressive-- Ed.  Advertisers 
evidently complained about having (gasp) somebody with the "wrong" 
views.  The signal was awful, it was a stop-gap move for Ed to be on 
it, and I am sure he'll be on another station in the region, as he is 
well-connected with political figures in Washington.  Like him or 
hate him, I see no harm in a station allowing and encouraging both 
sides of the issues.   In fact, I wish we could have more stations 
where there were some rightie talkers and some leftie talkers 
(although Ed is more of a progressive populist than a 
hard-leftie).  I say this as somebody who has consulted many many 
talk show hosts over the years, and found that the audience responds 
well to hearing exciting talk shows which offer differering points of view.  

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