Would Clr Chnl take a Boston AM to talk?

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Sat Jan 2 09:37:10 EST 2010

 A couple items related to Ed Schultz:

--a conservative actor, Dwight Schultz, has done fill ins for various rightie hosts. I would guess his opinions would not be mistaken for Ed's despite the surname...

--conservative Washington Times writer Jeff Kuhner has done fill ins for various conservative hosts recently and I guess he knocked ED Schultz off WTNT and has expressed disdain for Ed's
opinions, etc., and is attempting to launch national syndication (Kuhner, that is). A fan site for
DWIGHT Schultz said that some people thought Dwight was filling in for Michael Savage recently; Dwight Schultz and Jeff Kuhner have similar opinions...and similar voices...

So just as there is more than one Miller on the talk radio scene (Stephanie, and Dennis) more
than one Schultz...

I guess it was at a couple Clear Channel stations in NC that a "Rush Radio" format was launched.
Don't know if the CC AMs here would want to do something similar; I still think CC/Premiere would prefer WRKO for Rush, but I wonder if they'd want to put Beck, Hannity, etc. on 1430 or 1200
(signals by day not bad). They may figure they can grab a few bucks, even if ratings may not be the best. Mostly-syndicated conservative talk efforts failed at 890 and 1150 but who knows.

>>That slogan was used when the format was on the air in Buffalo,iirc. 

As for "Pulse" it's also being used up in NH at WTPL 107.7 which has a mix of
talk and sports talk (ESPN, Dennis Miller, and the "N.H. Wakeup Show")



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