Hybrid Digital Radio Power Increase

Mike Fitzpatrick necrat.alternate@gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 13:49:23 EST 2010

IIRC, first station to do the -10db tests for NPR labs was WRAT in Southern
New Jersey, which was done in 2005.
The next four stations that were tested were WKLB, KCRB (Bernidji, MN), KUHF
(Houston, TX), and KUVO (Denver, CO)

There were other stations doing -10db tests for other companies or for
whatever reason, such as KROQ in Los Angeles, WKCI in New Haven, CT.
(I believe the KROQ test might have been for Harris, actually)

The FCC's OK for power increases are for between -10db and -14db. Depending
on the interference level. Using the NPR labs calculator, I ran
most of the area's stations in Boston metro, 4 stations should be allowed to
go to -10db (WMKK, WKAF, WZLX, and WODS).

(You can see my complete results list @ http://www.necrat.us/hdpower.html )

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