Montreal's 690 and 940 to power down tonight
Tue Feb 2 12:39:04 EST 2010

CFCF was a 5-kw 'er originally on 600, yes.  Conus (or whatever its 
predecessor was) moved it to 940 several years ago when CBM moved over 
to FM.  I think the call letters had been changed prior to that, at the 
time when the TV station was sold off.    -Doug

Quoting Jim Hall <>:
> We had a house at the beach in NH when I was growing up. We had an old
> furniture-size console radio/turntable from the 40s or 50s there. It had
> wideband AM and shortwave on it. CFCX Montreal (//CFCF), CHNX Halifax
> (//CHNS), and CFRX Toronto (//CFRB) used to come in loud and clear in the 49
> meter band all day long. At night, they were drowned out by the big
> international broadcasters. I think the three Canadian relays only operated
> 500 watts. 
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> >CINW (940) is the successor to CFCF, Canada's first radio station,
> >which Marconi Wireless put on the air in 1919.  The station's old TV
> >counterpart, Channel 12, is still known as CFCF and is under
> >separate ownership, I believe. 
> Wasn't the original CFCF on 600?  As a kid I remember listening to
> their shortwave simulcast CFCX, I think I have a QSL from them.  A
> number of Canadian stations had shortwave simulcasts back in the
> 60s/70s.  When did they pull the plug on them?

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