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>I believe the 96.9 is a translator licensed to Amherst, but with transmitter
>in Northampton. I notice the WHMP homepage mentions the 1400 and 1240, plus
>the 96.9 translator, but not the 1600 in Longmeadow (WHNP). I wonder if they
>plan to do something else with the 1600.

When I was out in Western Mass last July, I also picked up the WHMP "network"
on 96.9.  At that time, they ran a promo from time to time voiced by Rachel
Maddow announcing the fact that progressive talk was now available on FM.  I'm
not sure how many civilians (i.e. non-radio geeks) realized that the FM being
promoted is a limited-signal translator (W245BK).  Thus, if they set a push-button
for it at their home, they might lose it in a couple of miles.
With respect to station-ID:  I seem to recall in another thread that stations 
usually don't have to identify translators on-the-hour.  This is true of the NH
Public Radio Network, which only does it a few times a day.  When I'm in Western
Mass, the WAMC stations take so long to ID all their outlets that if the add any more,
there'll be no time for underwriting messages!  That'll be the day.  (BTW, I've
never caught WAMC also IDing any translators...do they have any?)

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