WNAC 64.2

Mike Fitzpatrick necrat.alternate@gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 20:28:23 EDT 2009

Well I see it's been posted elsewhere, so I guess it is no secret.
As posted on AVSForum., it will be a my-network affiliate for the Providence
SD OTA, and HD direct to Cable.

Carry On...


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The website is wrong. TitanTV has that listing incorrect. We've submitted
the correction to them a few times but they haven't corrected it.

I put 64.2 on the transmission stream on Tuesday, with the color bar
generator from my bench.
I can't disclose what the channel will be as of yet.
But it will be launching in the "near future".


Mike Fitzpatrick
Providence, RI.

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WNAC (Fox Providence) is running a digital substation on 64.2. The guide on
my box lists the channel as "My RI TV" and their website is showing it to be
Eyewitness News Pinpoint Weather, even though they're only showing color
bars right now. Perhaps they'll use this to show alternative MLB or NFL
games - one can only hope!


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