Does Fox Sports have a new home in Boston?

Bob Nelson
Wed Oct 28 11:43:52 EDT 2009

>>So @JTTheBrick signed off WEEI for the final time this morning. He said he already has a new Boston signal to carry him.

@bostonradio (Boston Radio Watch) tweeted the JT The Brick bid farewell to his WEEI listeners but said he had a new home for his show 
(from Fox Sports Radio) lined up in Boston (I guess JT is off tonight so last night was his 850 swan song). BRW
mentioned 3 possibilities...which one?

--890: Dark since mid Sept. but could they go back on with Fox Sports Radio 24/7? At least it would have something for them to run (poss. sale?)

--98.5: Would they jettison Sporting News Radio so soon? Or poss. pick up just a show or two, like JT?

--1510: For the night and overnight hours, weekends too. SNR has 98.5 nights and weekends so 1510 could
pick up Fox and cast aside SNR

--Highly remote but there is a connection between Clear Channel and Premiere, which produces and
syndicates Fox Sports. I highly doubt they would dump Spanish at 1200 (Rumba) and 1430 (Mia). Do they
think enough people would want FSR instead?

--If WEEI did do the ESPN to 850, WEEI to FM move conceivably the FM could run Fox Sports overnight and have ESPN on the AM but that would mean JT & friends wouldn't be leaving WEEI after all.

I would think 1510 and 890 are the most likely possibilities

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