How much worse can it get?

Kevin Vahey
Wed Oct 28 01:54:23 EDT 2009

While this not exactly broadcast related it shows just how bleak
things are in the old media world.

The numbers for the Boston Globe are staggering. This is a paper that
was close to 500,000 copies a day 15 years ago.

A month ago a Bangor radio owner (who is also an author) just lamented
about radio billings that don't exist.,,20304270,00.html

I couldn't help but noticing that in the UK newspapers and radio seem
to be holding their own with ads (I have no idea what the rate card
looks like) but it was nice to hear radio for a few days without
hearing the Cars For Kids PSA :)

I also didn't need to hear Frank from Gloucester on TalkSport Saturday
morning either....though I think it was a set up because after he
talked about the Pats they asked him if he was a Red Sox fan.

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