Does Fox Sports have a new home in Boston?

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Wed Oct 28 11:49:49 EDT 2009

I highly doubt it'll be on 1510, as Davidson Media's operating method is
"you pay, we play"... so unless someone is going to pay for block time, it
ain't happening. Plus, how successful could sports be surrounded by a bunch
of paid progrmaming on a less then stellar night signal.

And if 890 jettisoned sports just recently, why would they brnig it back?

You have some interesting theories, sometimes.


On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 10:43 AM, Bob Nelson <> wrote:

> >>So @JTTheBrick signed off WEEI for the final time this morning. He said
> he already has a new Boston signal to carry him.
> @bostonradio (Boston Radio Watch) tweeted the JT The Brick bid farewell to
> his WEEI listeners but said he had a new home for his show
> (from Fox Sports Radio) lined up in Boston (I guess JT is off tonight so
> last night was his 850 swan song). BRW
> mentioned 3 possibilities...which one?
> --890: Dark since mid Sept. but could they go back on with Fox Sports Radio
> 24/7? At least it would have something for them to run (poss. sale?)
> --98.5: Would they jettison Sporting News Radio so soon? Or poss. pick up
> just a show or two, like JT?
> --1510: For the night and overnight hours, weekends too. SNR has 98.5
> nights and weekends so 1510 could
> pick up Fox and cast aside SNR
> Others:
> --Highly remote but there is a connection between Clear Channel and
> Premiere, which produces and
> syndicates Fox Sports. I highly doubt they would dump Spanish at 1200
> (Rumba) and 1430 (Mia). Do they
> think enough people would want FSR instead?
> --If WEEI did do the ESPN to 850, WEEI to FM move conceivably the FM could
> run Fox Sports overnight and have ESPN on the AM but that would mean JT &
> friends wouldn't be leaving WEEI after all.
> I would think 1510 and 890 are the most likely possibilities

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

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