Alan Dary

Wed Oct 7 09:49:34 EDT 2009

He worked at WMEX soon after they shifted away from "Top 40", and more of an
"AC" station.  I would say this was around 1975 or so.  At the time, they
had folks like Bill Lawrence, Alan Dary, Joel Cash, Dennis Burke and maybe
Scott Wallace and Captain Crunch doing mornings.  I believe the PD might
have been Pat Whitley at the time, but I could be off a year or so.

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Thanks to Ed Brouder for passing along the obit for Alan Dary.

It said that Alan worked at WMEX?

I thought WMEX was a Top 40 station in the 70's...and that Alan Dary was a 
staunch MOR guy.

DIdn't he leave WBZ or WHDH because he didn't want to play "rock and roll"?

How did he fit in at WMEX? 

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