Kevin Vahey kvahey@comcast.net
Tue Nov 24 12:21:03 EST 2009

128 signage is spotty as for example I have told many people to take
Rte 2 to 128 and I keep forgetting the signs on Rte 2 only say 95.

One move I have never been able to confirm why it was done was
renumbering the Southeast Expressway to US 1 (along with it being I-93
and SR 3).  US 1 used to snake along the river and then to the
Jamiacaway but 10-15 years ago it was changed.

I suspect it was Big Dig related concering funding.

BTW in Illinois they make a big deal over US 66 which is no longer
official and I wonder why it was decertified given the history.

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