Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Tue Nov 24 16:18:16 EST 2009

Larry Weil wrote:
> At 5:05 AM -0700 11/24/09, Sid Schweiger wrote:
>> I'm betting the locals along New York's Southern Tier will be calling 
>> the Southern Tier Expressway "route 17" for many years to come, I-86 
>> signage notwithstanding.
> I thought they called it "The Quickway"?

There are two pieces to Route 17 in NY: the Southern Tier Expressway 
runs from the PA line to I-81 at Binghamton, while the Quickway runs 
from I-81 at Binghamton to I-87 (the Thruway) at Harriman.

The "Quickway" nomenclature for the part through the Catskills is 
largely obsolete, though there's still a Quickway Diner near Middletown 
where I ate last month on the way to NYC. That part of the road is now 
known almost exclusively as "17."

The "Southern Tier Expressway" is still signed along most of what's now 
I-86, but it's also largely given way to "17" in spoken usage.


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