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> I remember WTAG-FM running Caspar Citron's late-evening program from
> QXR.  I think the T&G did the best it could in trying to make a
> success of the station.  It was a class act in the early '60s, and of
> course the AM always was.  The T&G sold the FM at just the wrong time.
>  I doubt that in 1966 very many people could foresee what FM would
> become. 
>   WSRS's beautiful music format caught on very quickly.   -Doug
I don't know, I remember reading an article somewhere (perhaps 
Readers Digest) which asserted that FM was at that time expanding 
more rapidly than television.  There were new stations coming on 
frequently, and I was following them closely.  This was when I was in 
high school, or perhaps in the summer between high school and 
college.  Which means prior to September 1963.

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