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Sat Nov 21 20:07:57 EST 2009

I grew up in Groton/Mystic, CT and my vote is on apocryphal.
Groton/New London has always been Navy and Coast Guard.  Devens was an
Army base, with some Marines.   While the Marines are part of the
Navy, they're rarely associated with submarines; there's little or no
Navy surface ships at Groton besides the subtenders.

Also, I-395 doesn't go to New London.  It bears SW around Montville
and heads for Niantic Bay.  There's a major connector that links I-395
to Rt.32, and Rt.32 south of this connector is a semi-divided highway
with two lanes in each direction.  Rt.32 does, indeed, go to New
London and connects to I-95 there.  In fact, the USCG Academy is
literally right off Rt.32...I drove it every day on my way to high
school in Uncasville.   But the expansion of Rt.32 and the connector
to I-395 came, I believe, many years after I-395 was built.  There's
also the connector from I-395 to Mohegan Sun (which crosses Rt.32)
which was built around the same time as the aforementioned Rt.32
connector in Montville...but in a much smaller form.  The current
major connector was put in not long after Mohegan Sun opened...1994 or
1995, something like that.

Good story, though.  :-)
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Someone once told me that the purpose of I-190/I-395 was to enable troops
from Fort Devens to reach the nuclear submarine and coast guard bases in New
London, CT rapidly in the event of a national emergency. You will notice
some enormous shoulder areas on the portion of I-190 north of Worcester:
supposedly those were to allow tanks or other large military vehicles a
place to pull off the road. This may all be apocryphal, however. :)

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