The new WGBH lineup

Bob Nelson
Wed Nov 18 12:14:12 EST 2009

Dan wrote: 

>>The way I heard it, he took U Mass
Lowell for a very expensive ride a few years back and delivered just
about nothing at all...
Lydon apparently met his match in (Christo)--and got what he deserved (a
fully escorted trip to the parking lot and a heads up about not
letting the door hit him in the back).


btw since WGBH/WCRB is depending on listener contributions, an interesting
study has come out about NPR/public/jazz, etc. listeners. In terms of
average age, this study (mentioned in the email
newsletter) says that the average age of various public radio categories
is skewing older--and with many of these people either retired or soon to
retire, they may not be as willing or able to contribute anymore.

"The Aging Audience" was Walrus research says the average age of NPR
News listeners is 46 to 52

>> The percentage of those employed is getting smaller. (“For NPR News station listeners, retirement is top of mind.”) 

For jazz, the average is 45 to 55 and for classical, 56 to 65

The study also says that NPR News listeners are more loyal than NPR jazz listeners are.
One wonders if WGBH feels it's better to use 89.7 to appeal to the slightly younger News listeners who may be more willing
to contribute. Get rid of classical, put it on 99.5, and hope they can get enough contributors cost-cutting,
move studios to Guest St., etc.

If the study is accurate, WGBH must be feeling that the money is in slightly younger people than the older, more likely to
be retired folks.

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