Digital TV
Mon Nov 9 19:24:50 EST 2009

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>>I know that, as someone who works in television, this may  not be the
most comfortable thought for you, but maybe they have figured  out that
*television is not a necessity of life*!  <<<<
It is more like maybe OTA television is not a necessity of life. If the FCC 
 can convince TV station operators to turn in their RF BW for millions in  
cash, I can see many stations in the smaller markets cashing out and  
signing off. 
There would be advantages to the TV stations going directly to cable and  
that is they would be cable stations then and would be on a level playing 
field  with the cable stations and away from FCC OTA regulations. Of course 
this  would not preclude the networks from becoming premium channels either. 
Comcast  has this in their sites for NBC already.

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