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>>>believe that, on paper, there can be no doubt that OFDM  (the DTV
transmission standard in most of the world outside of the US) is  more
immune to multipath than 8VSB (eight-level vestigial sideband), the  US
DTV-transmission standard. Whether this theoretical advantage  exists
in practice may be a different matter, however. For certain, each  new
generation of 8VSB-decoder ICs seems to improve upon the  multipath
immunity of previous generations.<<<
COFDM thrives on multipath. Not so much now because of handheld devices,  
but during the 90's when HDTV could have been rolled out, I always thought 
that  mobile TV would be digital TV's killer app but another technology beat 
them to  the punch. Mobile TV is installed in most subway and trains in the 
Asian  countries with 15 minutes programs.  
I just don't understand the US always has to settle for "good enough"  
legacy technology with built in limitations. The same applies for HD Radio.  
Politics vs technology never seems to work.


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