Oldest religious broadcast?

Doug Drown revdoug1@myfairpoint.net
Sun Mar 29 20:22:16 EDT 2009

A somewhat-but-not-entirely irrelevant question, since we're on this 
subject: Are there still any communities in the U.S. with radio stations 
that share time?  WBAP and WFAA in Fort Worth/Dallas used to share 570 and 
820; they were the last two I knew of.  I think there were a couple of NYC 
stations that also shared time into at least the '60s, but I can't remember 
what they were.   -Doug

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> At 02:19 PM 3/29/2009, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>>Now, my question is whether the first WSSH shared time with another
>>station (WNAC most likely)?
> Oh absolutely it shared time.  It went on the air in 1924 as WDBR, and in 
> 1926, changed call letters to WSSH, run by the Tremont Temple Baptist 
> Church.  The AM dial back then was incredibly crowded, so stations 
> regularly shared time, and they did not like doing so.  WSSH had its 
> frequency moved a couple of times, and it shared time with WBET (owned by 
> the Boston Evening Transcript), WLEX in Lexington (before it moved to 
> Boston), and briefly, WMAF down in So. Dartmouth.  I don't see it sharing 
> any time with WNAC however. 

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