Oldest religious broadcast?

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sun Mar 29 21:13:58 EDT 2009

Doug Drown wrote:
> A somewhat-but-not-entirely irrelevant question, since we're on this 
> subject: Are there still any communities in the U.S. with radio stations 
> that share time?  WBAP and WFAA in Fort Worth/Dallas used to share 570 
> and 820; they were the last two I knew of.  I think there were a couple 
> of NYC stations that also shared time into at least the '60s, but I 
> can't remember what they were.   -Doug

The NYC stations you're thinking of were WPOW and WEVD (later WNYM) on 
1330 and WBNX on 1380, which yielded Sundays to WAWZ in Zarephath NJ. 
Both share-times had ended by 1984.

The last AM sharetimes remaining are on 1450 in Cicero (Chicago) IL, 
shared by WCEV and WRLL, and on 1240 in Decorah IA, shared by KDEC and 
KWLC. Another prominent example on 580 in Kansas ended a few years back 
(WIBW Topeka/KKSU Manhattan), and Chicago had a three-way split on 1240 
well into the nineties.

There's an FM sharetime as close as Rhode Island, where the Coventry 
High School station, WCVY, shares 91.5 with religious WRJI. It's one of 
a dozen or so sharetimes on FM around the country.


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