Larry Glick

Sat Mar 28 15:51:41 EDT 2009

IIRC, Steve said that Larry did overnights on 'BZ from 1968 to
1986--eighteen years. Didn't the obit say that Larry was 87 when he
died? If so, he would have been born in 1922, right? Which would mean
that he didn't start at 'BZ until he was 46. But I could be wrong. I
think Steve started the overnight show as a full-time gig ten years
ago this summer, that is, in 1999. I believe that Raleigh was there
for a full 20 years, which would mean, at the latest, from 1979 to
1999 (assuming no gap between Raleigh and LeVeille, which I don't
think was the case). If Glick immediately preceded Raleigh and was
there for 18 years, he would have had to start in 1961, which seems
too early to me. He started at WMEX AFTER Jerry william did and
Williams started at WMEX in the summer of 1957. I'm pretty sure that
Glick was at WMEX for more than just four years. Also I'm not sure
where Dave Maynard fits in the chronology of 'BZ overnight hosts. Was
he between Glick and Raleigh? The more I think about this, the less it
all adds up.

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>> Larry did a couple LTAR shows 14 or 15 years ago, some good stuff.
>> Going through some old tapes a couple years ago, I rediscovered
>> PSAs he recorded for WJIB.<
> I would love to hear some tapes of him on the air in Laconia and
> Florida...and try to discover where in his career he developed his
> "shtick".
> Also, I'm sure he must have had some interesting tidbits from his
> adventures in radio station ownership.  Anyone know anything about
> that?
> Something that was mentioned on Steve Leveille's program the other
> night. Larry didn't start at WBZ until he was 41 years old (in
> 1964?)
> It appears his sucess in radio was later in life.
> His 20 years at WBZ were from age 41 to 61.

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