Larry Glick

Donna Halper
Sat Mar 28 20:10:59 EDT 2009

At 03:04 PM 3/28/2009, Don A wrote:

>Something that was mentioned on Steve Leveille's program the other 
>night. Larry didn't start at WBZ until he was 41 years old (in 1964?)
>It appears his sucess in radio was later in life.

Well, some articles I've found in my files say he was doing other 
things... we know he was born in Roxbury in 1922 (btw, the only Glick 
I find on who was born in 1922 and living in Roxbury was 
Irving Glick... do we know if Larry/Lawrence was in fact his real 
first name???) and we know he was in the Army during WW 2.  I've 
found clippings that say he was on the Armed Forces Radio Network in 
Munich Germany.  The articles I found say he first did radio at WLNH 
in Laconia , and that in 1948 he left the US to work in Israel during 
the first Arab-Israeli War, and he was there throughout 1949 and into 
1950. If those facts are true, it does seem his entry into major 
market radio was delayed somewhat.        

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