Station Call-Sign Acronym across two calls signs (AM&FM) Old WSCV&WSLE

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Fri Mar 27 15:38:25 EDT 2009


You do know the now defunct 1050 AM from Peterborough is the 250 Watt WSRO
650 in Framingham, right?

Just checking ;=)

Paul Walker

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 12:56 PM, John Bolduc <> wrote:

> Back in the 1970's Peterborough NH had a now defunct AM station on 1050 AM
> and it's FM simulcasting cousin at 92.1, WSLE.
> Now many stations can spit out a 4 letter acronym, such as WSMN equals
> Weather, Sports, Music & News.
> But how many stations can spit out an eight letter acronym.
> What did WSCV WSLE stand for.
> We Serve Contookcook Valley With Superior Listening Entertainment.
> I doubt the calls signs were picked to fit the acronym, they acronym was
> probably made to fit the calls signs.  This was around the time when Fritz
> Wetherbee was working there.
> John B
> Londonderry

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