Radio Jobs

Thu Mar 12 11:43:02 EDT 2009


As someone who has always loved Radio, I'm considering the idea of finding some sort of a job in it. I am not a broadcaster (although I'm getting some volunteer experience) or a sound engineer/producer (I wish!) But I'm unemployed, so I'm wondering how I might leverage this list to find some contacts at Boston area stations that might need an admin asst or even a receptionist (typist, computer person, etc). 

Is that a pipe dream?  Does anyone on this list have any advice they could share?  I know it's not the best of times, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.  

I am currently a volunteer at a station in Worcester, but it's all volunteer and while I love the opportunity to get experience there, I can't drive there on a daily basis, plus at some point I need to find a paying job.   

You can email me privately if you prefer.

Thank you,


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