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Sid Schweiger
Fri Mar 13 16:34:46 EDT 2009

>>As someone who has always loved Radio, I'm considering the idea of finding some sort of a job in it. I am not a broadcaster (although I'm getting some volunteer experience) or a sound engineer/producer (I wish!) But I'm unemployed, so I'm wondering how I might leverage this list to find some contacts at Boston area stations that might need an admin asst or even a receptionist (typist, computer person, etc). 

Is that a pipe dream?  Does anyone on this list have any advice they could share?  I know it's not the best of times, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.  

I am currently a volunteer at a station in Worcester, but it's all volunteer and while I love the opportunity to get experience there, I can't drive there on a daily basis, plus at some point I need to find a paying job.<<

Unfortunately, as you've already guessed, this is not exactly the best of times in the radio business, and even support personnel are being cut to the bone.  The only area of radio in which there's any growth right now is in sales.  If you have any reasonable sales skills, you'd probably get your foot in the door at most commercial stations, although the pressures right now on sales are enormous, so it's not exactly a glamorous job although it can be very rewarding for someone who succeeds at it.

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