Alex Langer Launching Brazilian Programming On WJOE

Doug Drown
Tue Mar 10 23:01:14 EDT 2009

Just curious .  .  . how do I know the name Steve Silverberg? 
I somehow associate him with WGAN in Portland.  Can anyone enlighten me?   -Doug
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  Steve Silberberg's County Broadcasting Company is the owner of WJOE, and Langer is leasing it from him. Presumably wherever Silberberg's WXRG-FM (licensed to Athol) has its local studio is where WJOE's will be, regardless of where the programs ORIGINATE from, wether it's own programming or a simulcast of WSRO 650.

  And although it's a technically, WJOE is licensed to Orange-Athol, not just Orange.

  Speaking of WPNS, there is a KPNS.. lol

  Paul Walker

  On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 4:48 PM, Doug Drown <> wrote:

    WJOE (formerly the late, lamented WPNS [the worst choice of call letters in the history of broadcasting]) is licensed to Orange, where the transmitter is located and where the original (WCAT) studio building still stands.

    I assume this proposal means the whole shebang will be leaving Orange-Athol . . . or will the current transmitter act as a relay for western Mass.?  I wasn't aware there was a Brazilian market in that area.   Apparently so.

    It sticks in my mind that Langer is the current owner, though I may be wrong.   -Doug

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       Saw an article in the MetroWest Daily News about a new all-Brazilian station Alex Langer is putting on the air next Monday, WJOE at 700 AM which if I'm not mistaken is licensed to Athol, but the article doesn't mention that. It does say that the station will be 2500 watts and operate from studios on Mt. Wayte Ave. in Framingham and will target Brazilian listeners in Western MA, as well as NH, CT, RI & VT.

       Did Langer buy WJOE or is this an LMA? I lost track of who owns WJOE these days.

      Link to the article:

      Mark Watson

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