very thorough interview with Rachel Maddow

A. Joseph Ross
Tue Mar 10 02:22:14 EDT 2009

On 9 Mar 2009 at 18:57, Jim Hall wrote:

> I wonder how many cable companies besides Comcast moved MSNBC from the
> analog tier to the digital tier. MSNBC was on Channel 53 in most MA
> Comcast towns, but was moved to Channel 251 last year (my own town has
> MSNBC on both channels, but my mother's town closer to Boston lost it
> on 53 and only has it on 251). FNC and CNN and CNN-HN remained where
> they were: it was only MSNBC of the news channels that was moved. It
> would be interesting to know if any drop in ratings coincided with the
> channel being moved. There seems to be very little organization in the
> digital channels: you'll have a sports channel next to a religious
> channel, next to a shopping channel, next to an entertainment channel,
> so it's very easy for a channel to get "lost."

Comcast in Brookline still has MSNBC on the analog tier on channel 
37.  A few months ago it was also on a digital-level channel, but 
that seems to have disappeared after a couple of weeks.  There's no 
apparent rhyme or reason to this.

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