UHF is more robust than VHF (was Re: Digital TV receptionproblem)

Rick Levy rlevy@broadcastsignallab.com
Sat Jun 20 22:51:39 EDT 2009

Per Dan.Strassberg,
...it doesn't necessarily follow at all that 60 kW digital is less than 300 
kW analog." Does anybody have a conversion formula?<<

The standard ratio of peak to average power (with standard black picture) is 
1.68:1.  Thus the 316 kW peak power previously licensed to WHDH was 
equivalent to about 188 kW of average power.

I believe the doubling of DTV power was (in round figures) from 15 to 30 kW 
ERP, not 30 to 60, and that the 30 has already been achieved.

Rick Levy
Broadcast Signal Lab, LLP
Cambridge, Mass.

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