Greater Media pushing for defeat of performance tax

Bob Nelson
Sat Jun 20 03:03:47 EDT 2009

Greater Media stations like WTKK (and I believe WROR and WKLB) have been running ads urging people to defeat a possible
performance tax. They are asking people to contact such representatives as John Tierney on the North Shore and
Nikki Tsongas in the Merrimack Valley. And now WTKK Insider's Club members are getting an email message which says,
in part, "The international record labels are asking Congress to make radio stations pay BIG fees to broadcast your favorite songs. So, how does paying more for music effect Boston's Talk Evolution? Like many other talk stations in Boston and America 96.9 FM, WTKK is part of a bigger company...Bigger music fees will raise our company's costs and that's taxing."

Greater has even launched a site,, dedicated to the crusade.

And word has it Sirius/XM may have to consistently raise their monthly fees if this goes through... So far I don't know if
other companies plan similar efforts. 

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