Greater Media pushing for defeat of "performance tax"

Garrett Wollman
Sat Jun 20 11:47:43 EDT 2009

<<On Sat, 20 Jun 2009 02:03:47 -0500, "Bob Nelson" <> said:

> Greater Media stations like WTKK (and I believe WROR and WKLB) have
> been running ads urging people to defeat a possible performance tax.

Of course there is no such proposal as a "performance tax".  (Did the
NAB hire Karl Rove?)  The proposal is for analog radio stations to pay
the same royalties as digital and satellite radio stations already pay
for use of recorded music.  Since this eminently sensible proposition
would have the effect of leveling the economic playing field between
analog and digital radio, the radio industry is of course against it.
The recording industry would like the additional revenue, so of course
they are for it.

WBZ is also running similarly dishonest spots.

Another reasonable option, which would actually be better for the
radio business, would be to eliminate the requirement (in the DMCA as
I recall) for any stations to pay royalties to record companies.  I
suspect the entrenched broadcasters would be against this, too.  Can't
possibly have a more level playing field....


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