Proper antenna for getting WMUR up here in God's Country?

Larry Weil
Fri Jun 19 16:45:38 EDT 2009

At 1:51 PM -0400 6/19/09, Bob Hale wrote:
>Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to the list here and have a question 
>maybe someone can help out. I live here in Grafton,NH about 50mi or 
>so from Manchester and 25 mi SE of Lebanon,NH and I'm trying to 
>figure out what would be a good antenna for Ch 9. I used to be able 
>to watch Ch 9 analog with a so-so picture but since they swapped to 
>digital I lost it. I know it was a stretch but tried amplified 
>rabbit ears hoping to at least get Ch. 11 translator which is on Ch 
>50 or channel 8's translator on 27 its only 10 or so miles down the 
>street from me with no luck.
>I was looking at the AntennaDirect model xg-91 UHF antenna and 
>wondering if anyone had any expereince with it.

Channel 9 digital is now back on actual Channel 9, so a UHF only 
antenna is not what you want.  There may be some channel 7-69 
antennas on the market, which could do the job and be somewhat 
smaller than a full VHF-UHF antennas.  I'm not sure if Stark 
Electronics is still in business in Manchester, or if they now only 
have the Worcester, MA store, but that should be a good place to get 
what you need.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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