Proper antenna for getting WMUR up here in God's Country?

Garrett Wollman
Fri Jun 19 16:13:48 EDT 2009

<<On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 15:37:13 -0400, "Bob Hale" <> said:

> Reports from other sources I see claim that since WMUR switched to digital 
> they're only
> running transmitter power of only 750 watts (not ERP)

According to their filing BLCDT-20090616ABF, they are running 580
watts TPO (average), with 0.35 dB of line loss, for an antenna input
power of 535 watts.  They are reusing their old RCA TF-12AH antenna,
which has 10.83 dB of gain, for an ERP of 6.5 kW.  (Note, however,
that the FCC's TPO figure is measured after any necessary filters. so
it's not necessarily equal to the true transmitter power.  If we take
your 750 W as correct, then than means the insertion loss of their
filtering is about 1.1 dB.)

The technical exhibit to BXPCDT-20090122AAX shows the predicted
coverage of their main and backup DTV facilities.


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