The old WUPY Lynn tower?

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Thu Jun 18 10:18:33 EDT 2009


The next North Shore FM entry came on August 1, 1961, when Harvey Sheldon
put WUPY (105.3 Lynn) on the air, playing jazz music.

WUPY ran 1.4 kW from a transmitter site off Route 1 in Peabody and studios
at 23 Central Avenue in Lynn. Its main claim to fame during its short life
was as one of the first Boston-area FM stations to broadcast in multiplex
stereo. After a brief silent period, Sheldon changed the station's calls to
WUPI, but that, too, was short-lived, and 105.3 was silent by the time the
next North Shore FM made its debut.

On August 1, 1963, Puritan Broadcasting Service Inc. put WLYN-FM (101.7
Lynn) on the air. Unlike the failed WUPY/WUPI, WLYN-FM had the support of an
AM sister station, WLYN (1360), whose programming it simulcast during
daylight hours. WLYN-FM started out 1 kW at 175 feet (later increased to 3
kW/170 ft) from the AM 1360 tower off Route 107. Both stations' studios were
at 156 Broad Street in Lynn.

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
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> I have only a vague memory of WUPY . . . remind me of when it operated.
> There were quite a few daytimers that went on the air and had short lives
> during the waning days of AM Top 40, IIRC.   -Doug
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>> I just noticed while driving by the area near the Rte 128 and US-1
>> intersection in Peabody that the small self supporting tower behind the auto
>> repair shop is gone. I have been told that tower was built for the short
>> lived WUPY in Lynn way back when. I suspect the tower was in bad shape since
>> for years it just had a few two way antennas attached when one would think
>> it would be loaded up with stacks of cell phone antennas making some money
>> for the owner of that vertical real estate. :)

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