The old WUPY Lynn tower?

Doug Drown
Thu Jun 18 10:09:27 EDT 2009

I have only a vague memory of WUPY . . . remind me of when it operated. 
There were quite a few daytimers that went on the air and had short lives 
during the waning days of AM Top 40, IIRC.   -Doug

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Subject: The old WUPY Lynn tower?

> I just noticed while driving by the area near the Rte 128 and US-1 
> intersection in Peabody that the small self supporting tower behind the 
> auto repair shop is gone. I have been told that tower was built for the 
> short lived WUPY in Lynn way back when. I suspect the tower was in bad 
> shape since for years it just had a few two way antennas attached when one 
> would think it would be loaded up with stacks of cell phone antennas 
> making some money for the owner of that vertical real estate. :)

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