The old WUPY Lynn tower?

Thu Jun 18 10:58:08 EDT 2009

WUPY, licensed to Lynn, was on 105.3, IIRC. It was certainly not a
full Class B but it may have been more than a Class A. It was on the
air from maybe 1961 to 1963. In that era, I do not believe that
subclasses of the FM letter classes had yet been created. Class As
were limited to 3 kW @ 300' AAT; Bs were limited to 20 kW @ 500'. I
think that WVCA (Simon Geller) was on 104.9 in Gloucester and was a
Class A but with way less than full A facilities. WKOX-FM Framingham
was on 105.7 and was a B but at way less than 500'. I think WFGM-FM
(WFGL?) Fitchburg was still on 104.7 and either was close to a full B
or might have been a full B.

WUPY's owner was a real flake--a guy named Harvey Sheldon, who
obtained a CP for and built a Class B on (IIRC) 95.5 in Miami. He
moved the WUPY calls to Miami and got WUPI for the Lynn station. I
believe he eventually lost both licenses as a result of some
infraction of FCC rules--I can't remember what, but I could believe
just about any story I heard. WUPY/WUPI sounded SO bad on the air, it
made your typical 10W high-school station sound totally professional!

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>I have only a vague memory of WUPY . . . remind me of when it
>operated. There were quite a few daytimers that went on the air and
>had short lives during the waning days of AM Top 40, IIRC.   -Doug
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>> I just noticed while driving by the area near the Rte 128 and US-1
>> intersection in Peabody that the small self supporting tower behind
>> the auto repair shop is gone. I have been told that tower was built
>> for the short lived WUPY in Lynn way back when. I suspect the tower
>> was in bad shape since for years it just had a few two way antennas
>> attached when one would think it would be loaded up with stacks of
>> cell phone antennas making some money for the owner of that
>> vertical real estate. :)

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